Research Projects

ACHIEF: Innovative high performance Alloys and Coatings for HIghly EFficient intensive energy processes

H2020-NMBP-ST-IND-2020-single stage 



Within ACHIEF we have the ambition to produce four types of new materials:

 WPDC coatings with improved high-temperature corrosion and erosion resistance.

 Advanced Cr-steels grade with 15% improved creep resistance and higher temperature corrosion resistance.

Innovative high temperature and creep resistance materials based on HESAs models

High performance coatings based on HEA-nanocomposites.

AM3DIA: Additively Manufactured Electromagnetic Devices for Innovative Automotive

FSC Development and Cohesion Plan ex DGR n. 251/2021 - NOTICE OF RESEARCH 2020 - Cod. CUP I39J20002770008 Umbria Regional (IT) 

The objective of the project is to bring to industrial maturity the manufacture of electromagnetic components for automotive use (e-mobility) made through innovative metal Additive Manufacturing and the use of SMM (Soft Magnetic Materials) of chemical composition and optimized performance (FeSi alloys), starting from 100% recycled raw material.