Seamthesis Srl is a privately owned R&D and Competence Center as well as Research Body and Innovative Start-up. Our name tells our values:


a connection that joins different parts and makes them efficient 


a proposal


a unifying proposal that melts skills and capabilities in something dynamic, more than the sum of each one. 


We believe that permanent, integrated and competitive access to thecnological knowledge is a key for industries to push development and improve the wellness and competitivness of each country over the time. We see  the enviromental friendly choices as a chance and an impulse to innovation. 

Becoming a national and international technological center, point of reference to all the industrial players who share the values of a susteinable and responsible technological development in the field of addittive manufacturing and metallurgy 



Calculation tools for numerical simulations, on-site activities and more, are the basis for maximizing and managing the research cycle and to develop the production chain. These are the fundamental elements for Seamthesis customers: technological innovation of their materials, implemented production processes and technologies to compete effectively in national and international markets. 

Thanks to the aggregation with some important industrial groups and the collaboration with the main actors of recognized international fame in the sectors in which it operates (universities, R&D centers, engineering companies, advanced qualification laboratories for materials and products, etc.), Seamthesis offers excellent technological services to its members and customers.

Competences and capabilities

Seamthesis’ main core competences and know-how (in R&D, Technology Transfer, Business Development & Strategic Marketing, etc.) are: