Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is an innovative technological process capable of producing articles by aggregation of material starting from a three dimensional digitized reference model, usually by overlapping layers, in opposition to the more conventional subtractive manufacturing technologies, in which an object is created by cutting away solid blocks of material until the final product is complete. Seamthesis offers an integrated service (one-stop-shop) to its customers and engineering: from commercial and technical consultancy, to support for the definition of the machine to be purchased; from support for the initial set-up of the process and the production of the first products, to advanced training for operators and technicians, both in the classroom and on-site. Additive manufacturing has already reached the due industrial maturity to make finished components for industrial equipment, cars, planes, energy systems and structural parts of the human body. 

Skills and competencies

Definition of the characteristics of the systems according to the customer's needs (e.g. PBF titanium printing with EOS M290) 

Advanced training on the safe use of systems and execution process

Design and development of metal powders and components, produced for MA (different technologies and energy sources)

Main activities (metal and plastic based)

Some examples of 3D metal printing activities and products

Intermediate production operations for metal items with PBF laser technology

Development/optimization of process parameters, functional characterization of metal powders.

MA redisign (weight reduction, topological optimization, print volume optimization)

Silicone molds

Dime di controllo e nasi di piega alleggeriti a nido d'ape

Results impossible to get using subtractive manufacturing

Anodizing of printed components in Ti64 ELI aestethic purposes (processo proprietario)

Designing and printingdental prothesis biomedical Ti alloy

Ventosa per manipolazione sottovuoto con microcanali curvi incorporati

Office professional accessories

Cassa per compressore industriale in AlSi7Mg0.6

Blades for wind turbines in Ti6Al4V

Camere di combustione ossigeno/idrogeno per CubeSAT con ugello de Laval in Ti6Al4V

(courtesy: MIPRONS Srl)

Scale-up camere di combustione per applicazioni aerospaziali

(courtesy: MIPRONS Srl)

Elettrolizzatore per applicazioni aerospaziali

(courtesy: MIPRONS Srl)

Inserto in lega di alluminio alleggerito tramite nido d'ape 

Suole per scarpa da ciclismo composite in polimero/lega metallica realizzate in Manifattura Additiva 

Suole per scarpa da ciclismo composite in polimero/lega metallica realizzate in Manifattura Additiva 

Struttura polimerica in Nylon caricato in fibra di carbonio