Metallurgy has a central position in Seamthesis' R&D and specialist industrial consultancy activities. Starting from steels (carbon and stainless) the activity of R&D, development of processes and products, structural and functional analysis, development of the best manufacturing and transformation technologies, Industry 4.0 and Big Data, has been gradually extended.


stainless steel Duplex, Superduplex e Hyperduplex 

Tool steel

superalloys Ni, Co, Cr, Mo based 

light alloys Ti, Al. Cu, Sn based 

metallic- ceramic materials (intermetallic) 

refractory metal

noble metal (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd) 

High performance ceramics and polymerics 

Seamthesis works on  specific thermical quality treatments, definition of processing and trasformation fitting thefinal product (semifinished as well), hot and cold forming, welding and jointing specifications, surface treatment processes, etc. to support the customer and the final use of the material / product / component.

Main activities

 Seamthesis main industrial activities are about the following sectors:

combining, on case-by-case basis, with one of more of these functions or properties:

Some work done by Seamthesis


chemical and process analysis on new alloys or materials  

failure analysis (pre and post-mortem) 

specialist consultancies, also on the job  

state of the art and bibliographical research

prior art research for patents